Our Story

How we got started

It is absolutely mind blowing to actually be able to live out my lifelong dream of working in the fashion industry! I have always been that girl who shares her closet with all of her friends and now I get to share my store with the world. Crazy right?

Well it all started two years ago. I(Haley) was working as an SLP in the school system and my mom(GiGi) was currently unemployed. I quickly discovered that my whole heart was not devoted to working in that field of work and I couldn't imagine myself doing that for the rest of my life. One spring afternoon of 2014, my mom and I were discussing our lives and what we saw ourselves doing in the next 5 years. We always dreamed of opening a clothing boutique, but never acted on it. We knew then that it was NOW or NEVER. My mom had a building that she had plans of becoming a bakery, so with a location there was no excuse. We had a building....now all we needed were the sweat and tears to transform it into a cute lil' boutique. I finished up the school system and by that September we were opening up Shabby Sheek Boutique. The road wasn't smooth I tell ya! I believe we hit every bump and obstacle there was, but we didn't let any of it stop us. We have never been so passionate about something in our lives and we weren't allowing anything to get in our way. One year and six months later we launched our online store. I quickly went from just a girl sharing her closet to a girl sharing her style in her small town to now sharing my store to the world!

We love each and every one of you, hope you enjoy our style!

Haley & GiGi